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Bust some common money myths to grow your wealth faster


All of us want to become wealthy someday. The reason why we work so hard everyday is to build wealth, live a comfortable life, and provide our family all the things that they need in life. What does being wealthy mean to you?

For some, they view being wealthy as the opportunity being able to take your dream holiday at a moment’s notice or the assurance that if something unwanted does happen to you, your family will still have something to pull out and has money saved in the bank.

Patrick Canion says successful new investment ideas are always emerging.

Our interpretations of being wealthy and what is needed in order to build wealth may vary depending on our current status and perspectives, but all of us often agree on the same thing and that is being wealthy means having extra money, and lots of extra money that is not intended for any other specific use.

With that being said, we’ll now ask ourselves “how is wealth creation done?” The truth is, creating wealth is about making smart money decisions, regardless of what job you have — it can be in a form of starting a business, or improving your professional career. Carry out a quick analysis on your income generators to take a closer look at your chances of wealth creation. Determine what the factors in your life are that can and are making you money. Determine whether or not your salary able to cover all your necessary expenses and provide you with savings even if you are working for someone else.

Furthermore, you also need to identify the strong as well as the weak points of your finances – give more emphasis to your strong points and make the weak points even stronger. Once you have done that, the next step is to search for effective ways to effectively manage your finances.

There are so many money myths about how to create wealth. But which of them should you believe? Read this post to find out:

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Setting up your business


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Are you already tired of your boss, small salary, and boring daily working schedule? Many employees like you are sick of going to their work every day. They are already tired of being in this stressful situation where they are no longer happy on what they do. To escape this dilemma, most of them decide to quit their jobs and finally become an entrepreneur.

So would you also like to set up your own business name and become an Australian entrepreneur? If you do, you could take the least formal route and just set it up locally as a sole proprietorship, or you can incorporate it and turn it into a formal business structure. The former might seem easier when you first hear about it, but almost everyone would benefit a great deal from going the latter route.

However, before you set up your business, you should first set your goals. Goal setting is important not only in business, but in life as well. For everything to flourish, prosper and grow, you must set what you really want to achieve. Otherwise, you and your business will become stagnant and none productive.

Apart from goal setting, there are also some other things that you should consider when starting your own business. If you want to set up your business here in Australia, you should definitely read this to help you know exactly what to do:

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4 Important Steps Women Can Take Toward Leadership


We all know that women make great leaders. In fact, you can name a lot of women who have become so successful with their leadership role in politics, sports, and in business.

However, the road to the top for women always seems to be more difficult as compared to men. Women have to work double their worth and suitability for leadership positions. But with determination and resilience, it is completely possible for women to get to the topmost levels of leadership. Modern women should learn that in this male-dominated status quo, you don’t have to adjust. Rather, you need to embrace what makes diverse prospective unique and you need to overcome people’s doubts that keep you from reaching your potential.

Effective communication in leadership is extremely important regardless of your sex or gender. And as a woman leader, you need to know how to make your voice heard by all your subordinates. You need to let them know exactly what your expectations are as far as your career goes. Then, that’s the time you start creating your path to becoming a leader. It should not matter whether you are a junior officer, make sure even supervisors and all relevant personnel know what your desires are to compel them to respond accordingly to opportunities and assignments.

To learn more on the right steps women should take in order to become a great leader, read this article:

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Bust some common money myths to grow your wealth faster

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GoDaddy Launches Website Builder Aimed At Small Businesses


In today’s marketplace, having a website is essential for small businesses. The days are long gone when having a website for your small business is an option. It is now a necessity to have one for your online marketing campaigns. You may say that you are doing just fine without a website, but not having one will continue to hinder it from reaching its fullest potential. There are a number of reasons why your small business needs a website.

First of all, you should recognise the fact that customers these days utilise the internet in searching for products and services. A huge number of consumers use search engines such as Google and Bing for their search. That is why customers want you to have a website so they can easily educate themselves on the products and services that you sell. People want instant access to information. A website gives them this information any time they wish to access it.

To build credibility, you should make your website look professionally built and easy to update. Customers are more likely to patronise businesses with websites than those without. Why? A professional looking website with up-to-date content shows your customers that you know how to convey information in the most effective way possible.

There are many other benefits of having a website for your small business. And the good news is that Godaddy has launched a new website building service to tap into the small business market. Read more at:

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Taking On An Existing Business? Take This Advice To Heart.


Whether you are planning to start a business because you can’t find a job, or have decided to quit your job, or you have the entrepreneurial spirit and this is your time to get out on your own, buying an existing business can be a good option.

Taking On An Existing Business? Take This Advice To Heart.

Buying an existing business may be the preferable alternative to starting a business from scratch. Taking all the elements into account, there are both notable pros and cons of buying an existing business – this decision can give you many advantages but it can also be a dangerous option with a lot of problems that you may not be aware of.

An existing business has a history and therefore the financial information will tell a clear story. Furthermore, you are already generating revenue so you are starting out in a much better place than if you started a business from scratch. In many cases that can be true bit in many cases it’s not.

One of the advantages of buying an existing business and taking over is that someone has established the business and the only thing you need to do is to maintain the status quo. In addition, you already gave existing customers and suppliers.

On the other hand, there are also dangers of buying an existing business. To become successful, you should know how to plan and make right decisions.

To learn how to take on an existing business, read this article:

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10 Ways To Come Up With A Killer Name For Your Company


When starting or setting up your new business, one of the things that should be at the very top of your list is choosing a company name. You should know that the name you choose could make or break your success in the business.


There are some basic things to consider when naming a business. First, make sure that your name is easy to remember, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce. It does not have to be long; instead you should make it simple. It should sound good when spoken aloud. You should never have to ask for an apology for the name you choose, or have to explain what it means. Your name should be appealing and easy to say.

Another important pointer to keep in mind is to include wording that describes what it is you are offering, whether it is a product or a service. For example, if you own a locksmith company, you should include the words “locksmith” or “lock and key experts” to your brand name to emphasise to your customers know that you are a locksmith firm. For example, you can name your company “Easy Locksmith Company”, which is more appropriate.

Don’t use a name that limits additions to your product line or services later. Avoid using names with geographical connotations. If you want to expand to a different area, it will make a difference.

For more on coming up a killer name for your company, check this article from Business Insider:

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The Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses


Outsourcing is a word that is on every pair of lips lately. For sure, it pertains to the corporate world, but what are the benefits of outsourcing? Outsourcing is basically a strategy of plucking away a part of your business’ processes and operations and entrusting them to a professional team that is not in your company and whose main task is to do this work for you.

Before, business process outsourcing was reserved for large companies. However, outsourcing is now available to small companies thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web. Task and processes are now outsourced every day through information superhighways the world over with globalisation threading paths through avenues opened by the World Wide Web. The Internet provides the access, so why not make use of outsourcing? There are a good many reasons to become a fan of outsourcing.

One of the major benefits of outsourcing is that it allows companies to stay small, just like how most companies start. Almost every company will start small, with a few employees. Yet, the competence needed to run a company and the many tasks and processes behind this operation is the same, whether for a small company or for a very big one. With outsourcing, you can have a great task management while retaining the small workforce you have. Tasks that will take away from the main purpose of the company can be outsourced to companies that actually specialise in the given area.

You may read this post for more about business outsourcing:

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4 Common Loan Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

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Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs in Record Numbers


Perth Businesses

Do you know what entrepreneurship is? Entrepreneurship is the practice of setting up a business opportunity, finding and consolidating the required money and materials and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture. All of these are what you need to consider if who wish to make and enjoy great wealth should tune their mind and heart to.

Entrepreneurship can bring anyone opportunities but they are waiting to be identified and utilised. Successful businessmen confess at the abundance of opportunities that prospective investors can take advantage of. Sadly many people just never seem to find them abundant as the chances could be.

On the other hand, there are many rewards of becoming an entrepreneur. One of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is working daily on what you love, or the passion of your life. When your job and daily pursuits are in the realm of his or her innate desires, you work with enthusiasm, appetite and hunger that drive to great action. In addition to being a reward on its own, passion ensures that one is working with boundless energy which leads to greater production.

Another benefit of entrepreneurship is having control of one’s life. You become your own boss and you no longer need to follow someone else’s orders.

With the many advantages of entrepreneurship, many are deciding to quit their jobs and build their own business. In fact, according to an article published by Time Business, more and more Americans are quitting their jobs.

Check out the full article here:

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10 Skills Online Marketing Teams Must Have to Succeed


Online marketing is the present and most effective form of marketing so far. Of any online or web marketing effort, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a fundamental element and it requires a number of employee to work together in order to achieve maximum results.

Perth Business News

Every online marketing team is composed of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing professionals. As a business owner, it is his responsibility to make sure that his online marketing team are working in unison, as the number of websites increases year over year, and the search engines are updated, redeveloped, and revamped. Working as a team is important in order to create an integrated marketing approach.

If your online marketing team is not working as a team, you’ll find that you are spending too much money at cross-purposes without getting the online results you want from your web marketing efforts.

Apart from teamwork, your marketing team should have the skills and knowledge about this field. Your team should be able to create a well-designed marketing plan that should allow you to keep control of your overall click spending through good SEM work, so less waste equals more revenue in your pockets.

Here are the 10 Skills Online Marketing Teams must have to succeed:

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4 Common Loan Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


Being a small business owner in Perth, Western Australia is a tough challenge. Apart from the problems that the small business owners have to face in operating business, the severest of problems is in raising capital. Raising capital for your business is a difficult challenge. This is especially true in an environment in which small business owners are accorded a status similar to borrowers with bad credit.

Perth business news

Loan Mistakes

If you are self employed, financial institutions consider you a bad credit case because of the unstable income generation through small business. If you have not made much income (profits) in a particular month, it is said how you as a small business owner will pay fixed instalments on a loan. Banks and financial institutions are thus not receptive to the demands of the small business owners.

On the other hand, there are some special types of loans that are ideal for small businessmen like you. Few lenders, who did not want to lose on the opportunity of lending to the rising group of small business owners, devised such loan. It is known as small business loan.

Small business loans are available to help small entrepreneurs who invest in a series of purposes such as equipment, raw materials, facilities, etc.

When it comes time to put in applications for a loan, you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success. To do this, there is almost no room for error. In an article published by Debra Carpenter at Huffington Post, Debra can explain to you the 4 loan mistakes small businessmen make and for you to avoid.

You can read the full article here: